New Version 1.5 is released

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New Version 1.3

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New style and brush up under the way

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This is a Demo Site for the Minishop Plugin Version 1.5

There are still many Things to do and some known Bugs

Hints for Installation:

First Steps:
First edit the File Language.php
Follow the hints in the File.
(You can change this later, but then you need to edit the file in the data/_addoncode/Minishop/Language.php)

After Installing the Addon, first visit the Admin MiniShop Page.
Enter at least one Category and one Item.
(Do not be bothered about a few error warning.
This is because no Category and no Item is defined.)
Then you can visit your new shop.
in the List View, the Description of an Item is actually a Link for a Page that does not exist by now.
As you are already Logged in, You are been asked if you want to create the new Page.
Answer "yes" and you can create the new Page for your Item.

A note to the users:
It would be very nice if you drop me a note when your shop goes online.
mailto: bed att
Even nicer if you could place a link to my private Homepage or my Linux Blog

But this is not required.
Best Regards



How to design your Shop:



Supposed you already have installed the Plugin Minishop and done the first steps.

The key in building a perfect Site is in designing the Product pages, which are direct linked from out of the Minishop Item listing.

But do not use the Minishop Page a the Entry Page for your Site. Make start page where all the eye Candy goes and use the File Manager in the gp|Easy Admin Menu to organize your Pages. All Product Pages should have a link to the main Minishop.

At this DemoSite there is this concept not beeing using, because the lack of real Products and the lack of design capabillities of mine



  • Verify all entered Data in the order processing ( done)
  • css Style for Admin_Page ( done)
  • Calculate the sum of all ordered Items. ( done)
  • Document the build Classes and Functions
  • Build a sample Database

Enhanced Features:

  • Handle Packing and Devilery Costs
  • Handle and calculate (multiple) Tax
  • Handle Vouchers
  • more? .. Get in touch with me and speak freely :-)



Known Bugs:

Not now